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14 February 2007 @ 03:25 pm
I'm feeling happy and excited today because I have found myself a midwife. I've only talked to her on the phone, so I can't be sure that it'll work out until we meet it person, but she's happy to take me, and she sounded great when we chatted.

I've been so worried that I wouldn't be able to get a midwife and that I'd have to go to hospital. (To be honest, I'd much rather birth unassisted at home that expose myself to unnessacary medical intervention at the hospital.) But now it seems everything is falling into place and I'll be able to have the birth I want, providing my pregnancy goes smoothly.

I'm twelve weeks today, so I've just entered my second trimester. I haven't been feeling naseous at all for a while now, although I'm still getting quite tired some days. I have a hint, a small hint, of a baby bump appearing. As in, most people would never notice, but I've definately devloped a little bit of a pot, and it's got a definate pregnant belly shape to it. In a few weeks I think I'll really pop out. It's so exciting!

Evan has started work and is enjoying his new job - I'm job hunting and being a housewife for now. I need a job so that I can meet some people here and make some friends. Evan has invited a few people from his work around for dinner on Sunday night, so hopefully we'll get on well together. I'm going to start pre-natal yoga next week, and am hoping to meet some younger mothers-to-be to hang out with. I don't think 23 is that young to be having a baby, but it seems all the mothers I see are in their 30s (or 16!, there's no middle ground!)
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