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02 March 2007 @ 03:39 pm
midwives and hailstones  
14 weeks 2 days.

On Wednesday night we met our midwife for the first time, and we didn't have any doubts about hiring her at all. She's a totally awesome, reassuring, caring, and competant woman. We were so relieved that she turned out to be so great, because there is only one other midwife in Canberra that does homebirths. We spent about two hours discussing her experience, her philosophy surrounding labour and birth, and want we wanted from her. She's youngish, in her thirties I guess (Evan was picturing her as a Sheila Kitzinger-like woman in her 50s), but she's had a lot of experience working with women in both their homes and in hospital settings. She had been working as a midwife at the Canberra hospital as well as doing homebirths until recently, but she decided to quit the hospital because working within the medical model (which she agrees appears to offer women choices, but really gives them none) was making her too depressed.

I got a job working in a call centre - yeah, not exactly exciting, but I don't plan to be there long term. At least I'm making some money and I can spend my day sitting down - which I'll be greatful for once I get bigger. It's an information and referral line for the Jobsearch network, so basically I answer the questions of unempoyed people all day. Most are great, but I do get some people who are just really pissed off at the world because they've been unemployed so long. I think it's understandable really, but they're still not nice to deal with.

Canberra had an insane hailstorm on Tuesday night - we didn't get any hail in our area, but the city centre was pretty smashed up. The hail was knee deep in some areas, and quite a few buisnesses are closed because of hail damage, whilst the Australian National University has $7 million worth of damages and is closed for the rest of the week. The next morning, passing the city centre on the bus on the way to work, the streets looked like it had snowed overnight - there was still hail frozen into 6 inch sheets of ice covering a lot of the ground, and many of the roads were closed. The hail stripped all the trees of their leaves, so there were also huge piles of sodden green leaves all over the footpaths. The unpaved ground looked like it had been ploughed after having been pummelled with hailstones the size of cricket balls. It was bizzare, and so unlike any weather we usually have. Apparently it was a 'supercell' storm - which it seems is very rare and is the type that also causes hurricanes.
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ever_abstractever_abstract on September 6th, 2008 02:38 am (UTC)
Where have you been? What ended up happening with the birth/baby?