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miss_gracie's Journal

fox in socks
13 September 1983
In high school I was one of those bookish types that spent all my free time in the art room. Now I work in a library and study art history.

I'm sporadic in my interests. My interest in things comes in waves - I'll be passionate about a certain activity for a while, then neglect it for weeks before I go back to it again.

My life revolves around cooking good food, spending time with my husband, dance rehersals, and reading. When I have the time I like to sew.

I have strong ideals which inform the manner in which I live my life - I can't always live up to these ideals.

I am trying to live the life that I dream of having, instead of waiting to do it later.

affluenza, alain de botton, anaïs nin, anti-consumerism, anti-credit, anti-debt, anti-john howard, anti-television, art history, art nouveau, arts and crafts, attachment parenting, baby wearing, babywearing, back to basics, being in love, belle epoque, blues dancing, bob dylan, book nerds, brat pack, breadmaking, breast feeding, breast milk, bright eyes, busting it out, calmness, cardigans, cheap weddings, co-sleeping, comfortable shoes, conceiving, conception, cooking, country roads, cpr, cuddling, cut and paste, dark chocolate, dr sears, embroidery, equality, feminism, fertility awareness method, film, first aid, flat shoes, folk music, folklore, getting married our way, good conversation, growing hair, guitar, gypsies, herbalism, herbs in jars, homebirth, homemade, homemade beauty products, idealism, immigration, ireland, jazz, joanna newsom, jolie holland, kneading bread, knitting, librarians, lindy hop, long walks, love, m ward, make do and mend, markets, moon, motherhood, moving to ireland, natural childbirth, natural healing, natural remedies, neofolk, nina simone, old country music, old wives tales, peak oil, pot plants, preconception care, preparing for pregnancy, private libraries, public transport, pursuit of happiness, reading in the bath, road trips, romanticism, rooms filled with plants, running, self-sufficiency, sewing, simple living, slow food, snuggling, sourdough, stockings, swing dancing, tea, the moon, the red tent, thoughtfulness, thrift stores, ttc, vintage, voluntary simplicity, william morris, women's knowledge, wonder